"Established in 1919 and first registered with the New Zealand Companies Office in 1931..."

Our History Defines Us.

Watts Exterior
Watts Exterior
Watts Exterior

Watts Imports & Distribution is a medium sized niche importation, warehousing and distribution company providing specialised services between a number of manufacturers and footwear selling agents and New Zealand independent, chain and department store retailers. The company was established in 1919 and was first registered with the New Zealand Companies Office in 1931. The parent company also has two subsidiary companies: JS Oceania, specialising mainly in German brands Josef Siebel and Romika.

For the last 25 years, the main focus of our business has been the New Zealand agent for many of the offshore based selling houses and as agents for a number of European brands and in recent times, for shoes manufactured in Asia. The company is located in an industrial estate in Albany on Auckland’s North Shore and our warehousing footprint is approximately 800m² and includes office space and a small data centre.

"Watts can provide financing, shipping, Customs clearance and a distribution service..."

The Structure of Our Business.

  1. Our licensee business: where we sell our listed brands in Australia and New Zealand. We have two full time sales employees in New Zealand and two commission selling agents in Australia and we sell all footwear "FIS" (Free Into Store) in both countries.
  2. Our agency business: Watts are the acting New Zealand agents for a number of European brands and also act as the "go-between" for a group of Australian footwear agents and New Zealand retailers. Our involvement includes arranging appointments for these agents, allowing them to present their ranges at the biannual shoe fairs held in Auckland, New Zealand.
    Watts can provide a financing, shipping, Customs clearance and distribution service for these agents orders into New Zealand. While we finance, we do not sell these shoes as the Australian agents generally hold the licence, or have agreements in place with their European factories.
  3. Third party distribution: Footwear that we distribute on behalf of others, where we do not fund the goods. The footwear that we distribute as third party, is normally direct shipped from Asia and (sometimes) Brazil.

Within the footwear market, we place ourselves in the mid to high end price point and a small sample of the current brands handled by Watts are:

  • Arche (France)
  • Ara (Germany)
  • Area Forte (Italy)
  • Alberto Fermani (Italy)
  • Hispanitas (Spain)
  • Hirica (France)
  • Gabriele (Germany)
  • Gardinea (Italy)
  • Loake (England)
  • Pura Lopez (Spain)
  • Pons Quintana (Spain)
  • Peter Kaiser (Germany)
  • Pedro Garcia (Spain)
  • Robert Clergerie (France)
  • Sergio Rossi (Spain)
  • Gabor (Germany)

"When you stop talking, you've lost your customer."

- Estee Lauder

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Main Office

If you want to speak to someone right away, don't forget you can call or write to Watts. The Auckland-based office is a good place to start.

Physical address:3/7 Henry Rose Place
Auckland 0632
New Zealand
Postal address:Watts Import & Distribution
P.O. Box 300753
New Zealand
Telephone:+64 9 275 8558

Sales Enquiries

Please send our sales team a message using the form below, if you would like to discuss purchasing some of our range or using our services.